What Obama Doesn't Know Can Hurt Us!

America has a major problem because President Obama admits he doesn't know what he's talking about.

It's not just his uninformed statement that police "acted stupidly" by arresting his friend, a noted black scholar. The President also admitted last week that he doesn't know the details of the legislation that he's promoting for a big-government overhaul of our health care system.

Salesmen are supposed to know their product. Misrepresenting what you sell is fraud.

The fact that Obama hasn't read all 1,018 pages of the massive bill is not shameful. But he told a blogger news conference that he's even unaware of what's at the very start of the bill--the provisions that would squeeze 88-million Americans out of their private insurance coverage and into a government-run plan.

Details about Obama and about what IS in the bill are here in Ernest's latest column at Human Events.


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