Illegal Immigrants Departing Because of New State Laws!

Why deport if they depart!?

Now that the Immigration Amnesty Bill has been defeated, state laws to halt jobs and public benefits for illegals are being noticed by those here illegally--and many are giving up and going home!

This underscores the point that many of us have made--that enforcement of the law doesn't mean we must round up and deport all 12- to 20-million people who are here illegally. Many will depart voluntarily.

Watch this video of a news report from Georgia, where their tough state law has kicked in. Let's look for similar news from Colorado, which enacted its crackdown even before Georgia. In other states, like Oklahoma, the law is brand-new and so it's tougher to evaluate the results.

Every state should enact such laws. Of course, beware the ACLU and others, who are planning lawsuits trying to abolish them. © 2008. Blogger Template by Blogger Tutorial